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Die Fotografie ist gerahmt und in einem perfekten Zustand.

Petr Lovigin zählt weltweit zu den bekanntesten Fotografen und wurde von der Galerie Claire jahrelang vertreten.

Another series that started out as a game to become a real beauty is Takeshi Kitano and Other Icons. Here Lovigin plays with a series of famous personalities in an anonymous context. „I started with Kitano because I’m a big fan and I was intrigued by the idea of putting him in the spotlight along with people that don’t even know who he is,“ says Petr Lovigin.

So his „icons“ wearing all masks, like a group of friends at the movies with the enigmatic smile of the Dalai Lama, or some worker women in front of sewing machines with the iconic face of Audrey Hepburn.





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  1. Lothar Dörr

    Wunderbare Idee

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